Month: April 2014

An Ode to Cliven Bundy 

(with a nod to Woody)


This land ain’t your land

This land ain’t my land

‘Cause this is our land

And your cows are outta hand

You’ve used it for years now

But you’ve been given a command

Now it’s time to get them off our land


We let you graze them

And you didn’t pen them in

Across the ranges,

Through the desert sages

Then you didn’t pay your fee

You robbed us equally

Now it’s time to get them off our land


So what if your family

Has been ranching for eternity

The Native Americans

Were there before you and me

And the wild animals

Where there long before us

Now it’s time to get them off our land


Don’t stand there waivin’

Your flag and braving

The federal officers

To push you off our land

You call out all the freaks

And wave your guns around

Standing behind your wives

Your children guard your lives

Just back up and move on off our land


So don’t you complain,

When you feel the pain

Of the federal lawmen

When they take you away in chains

And you put your cows for sale

To raise money for your bail

Our land, will come back to you and me.