Month: December 2014

A Horse is a Horse, Of Course

I was told that the worst sin in cowboy poetry is to rhyme horse with course. So I just had to do it.


When Adam & Eve were in the garden

They took a big bite and then the clouds began to darken

And God cast them out squarely on their butts

He closed the door; he was not interested in any kind of pardon


So they walked with their bare feet to find a new place

Cast out, embarrassed from their huge fall from grace

They struggled with all of the things that they had to carry

Like their dishes, and their tools and big bowls of dates


That’s when Adam invented the rope and made friends with the horse

It really was Eve’s idea in the first place of course

And now they could carry a lot more of their load

They could live far from the water, and find other food source


Over time the horse became one of man’s best friend

Along with the dog, man’s progress ascend

And for thousands of years this relationship grew

But with the industrial revolution it came to its end


About a hundred years ago a new thing came on the scene

First bikes with two wheels, then a four wheeled machine

They could go faster than horses, these new iron beasts

The even made huge ones, that ran on rails and looked mean


That’s when horses became pets, and used just by few

They were put out to pasture, and turned into glue

But cowboys still liked them, and treated them nice

On the range they prefer them, they’re part of the crew


They fuel up on prairie grass, they don’t need gas in their tank

They just need a cool stream from which they will drank

And some say horse gas smells sweeter than exhaust from a truck

A good horse might help you, but they might drain out your bank


You can’t cry for a truck when it’s time is over

Not like the tears you shed for your horse or old Rover

And the ghosts of your Ford, your Chevy or Dodge

Won’t wander the prairie, eating sweet, sweet, sweet clover