Month: September 2009

Gawking at freaks

POSTED BY ON SUN, SEP 27, 2009 AT 12:08 AM

I’ve encountered a television show that horrifies me. The format is simple, each episode profiles two people who have a challenging mental condition. It’s kind of like “Intervention” but instead of dealing with addictive drugs, it deals with addictive personalities. It’s called “Hoarders” and it scares the hell out of me.
Why does it scare me? Because I collect things too. I keep things thinking that I might use them at some later date. If I paid money for an item I sure as hell don’t want to throw it out, I might need it someday. If I found the object I kept it for a reason, most often some as yet unknown art project. I keep it. The objects pile up. While the extent of my “collection” has not yet reached the epic proportions of those in the show, I hear the same excuses for keeping stuff on TV coming out of the mouths of those poor afflicted hoarders as I do my own.
I’m disgusted with some of their behaviors. On the other hand I see some of my own in them.
I have never been a fan or had a desire to watch reality shows like this, but if they give me some insight into my own strange behaviors, perhaps they have served a purpose other than to gawk at the freaks.


Burning Man Blues

POSTED BY ON THU, SEP 3, 2009 AT 6:58 AM

Last year I swore I wouldn’t miss two years in a row. This year I’m vowing to not let three years go by without going. I have been depressed the last few days because I’m not with my fellow burners down on the playa. I’m very sad and full of longing for playa dust.
I’ve been watching a live feed of the playa (see here) almost constantly and have been thinking about getting my costumes out just to try them on and smell 2007’s dust on them.

So, unless you have a plane and an extra ticket, it looks like I won’t make it this year. 😦

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