Month: September 2013

Flora & Fauna

You already know the grizzly bear, the lynx and woodland caribou
The Sockeye and Chinook salmon, White Sturgeon, Greater Sage Grouse too
But do you know the lesser ones? The ones that make “the list?”
Such as the Burneau Hot Springs Snail, Slick Spot Peppergrass, Bull trout and Steelhead fish?
The Bliss Rapids snail? The Boreal Toad? Spiranthes diluvialis?
Spauldings Silene? The Snake River Physa? Gulo Gulo Luscus?
The North Idaho Ground Squirrel? Whitebark Pine, or Coccyzuz Americanus?
Idaho is full of rare plants and animals, And that’s what makes it great
The added bonus that we find, Is that they taste great on your plate


Fishin with my Buddy

I wanted some fish to fill up my cooler
So we hooked up the boat ‘cause we heard a good rumor
We headed down to the lake
But first at the store, hit our brakes
Got some beer, and some ice and picked up old Junior

The boat we got in the water was decked out for driftin’
But we had no poles and no hooks and the bait seemed to be missin’
Buddy pulled out a stick of red T-N-T
“You can’t do that!” I said before he lit it and handed it to me
Then he said, “You gonna keep talking, or are we going fishin’?”

Now the game warden didn’t think that was funny
But the locals all knew he sometimes took hush money
So we invited him over
For a dinner of fish and stewed gopher
It’s easier to shut up when you have a full tummy

The warden knew Buddy, he helped put up his Christmas lights
But he needed to discuss the situation with the illegal use of dynamite
He told us we couldn’t do that anymore
Rubbed his belly, and turned toward the door
Then he stopped, burped and and said, “Well, maybe only at night.”