Month: October 2004

There’s been so much talk about Saddam and whether or not we are better off without him in power. Both camps agree that we are. However, they do not agree that we were correct in how we got there. What it comes down to is: Does the end justify the means? Kerry needed to use that line in the debate. It would have clearly defined that while getting Saddam out of power was the ultimate objective for the future of Iraq, lying to Americans about the reasons we went to war against a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 was not the means we should have went about achieving the end.

No one can predict who will win. The polls gyrate back and forth within their margin of error. The unpolled population of cellphone voters may be the determining factor. Some say the pollsters are taking these people into account. Others say they are not, but that these voters are more likely to vote Democratic than the ignorant Luddite Republicans, who are more likely to favor old technology like rotary phones. I think it’s a crap shoot. What is known is that this election has promise to actually compel a majority of Americans to cast a ballot. We might finally have an election where at least 25 percent of the population voted for the president.

Over the next week expect the biggest lies you have ever heard coming from both parties. Unfortunately, people’s memories are short and promises made during the election are rarely kept. Nor do people typically care if the statements made by either side are fact checked or not. Candidates will say whatever they have to say to get elected. So let me ask you this: Will the end justify the means?


Burning Man 

Everyone who knows I went to Burning Man this year has been asking me the same questions:

“Did you see a lot of naked people?” There were some, but after you’ve seen your fifth naked guy on a bike you get over it.

“Was it a bunch of dirty hippies?” After a few days in 45 mph dust storms everyone was dirty–the hippies, the artists, the ravers, the kids, the goths, the pagans and the cops.

“Were there orgy tents or public sex?” I heard about that too, but if it was there I didn’t find it. Besides, see the previous answer and you might change your mind about hooking up.

“Were there drugs?” I’ve seen more at a concert at the Idaho Center.

“What was the bathroom situation like?” Every so often there were groups of 20 or so porta-potties. With 38,000 people basically car camping in the desert the lines were long, smells were frequent and it wasn’t pretty by the end of the week.

“Were there police?” There were a lot of cops, both uniformed federal and local police driving around in suburbans with flashing lights. The undercover ones, identified only by the radio earpiece sneaking up through their costumes, were the scariest, especially when driving around their decorated golf carts and infrared goggles. Not that I was doing anything illegal, mind you.

“Did you like it?” No, it sucks. Stay away. You’ll hate it. I suffered dehydration, numerous blisters, third-degree chaffing from riding my bike all day long and am still recovering almost two weeks after I returned. It was torture. Pure torture.

“Will you go back next year?” You betcha.

Undecided No More 

Undecided no more

The hairs on my neck get all fluffy as I watch the lies being spun from both sides of the political spectrum. The importance of who sits in the oval office for the next four years has blown away even the charade of integrity and honesty that the presidency is supposed to have. It makes me a little sick to see their games.

I will say that I have never considered voting for Dubya, which keeps me consistent with the last election four years ago. I just can’t see myself voting for someone who manipulated the public with half-truths, stretched-truths and outright lies to go to war. And, after recent allegations that Dubya is fed his lines via wireless prompters during public speaking engagements, including the recent debates (visit for more information and evidence of presidential prompting going back to 9/11), I cannot sit by and remain unbiased in this general election.

Rather than endorse a candidate I will anti-endorse a candidate. Do not vote for George W. Bush. Now that doesn’t leave you with much options now does it? If you want to vote for a potential winner you have only one other option, Senator John Kerry. But even then, you may not like everything he has to say either. I don’t.

I ask you to consider a third party. Will your vote really matter in a conservative state like Idaho? Do you actually think that you will be throwing away a vote against Dubya? Project Vote Smart ( lists over 60 candidates for president. While they might not be on your ballot, you have the right to write one in. Some at which to look include: Mr. Michael J. Badnarik–Libertarian Party, Mr. Jacques Yves ‘Chief Jack’ Boulerice–Native American Party, Mr. David Keith Cobb–Green Party, Mr. Jackson Kirk Grimes–United Fascist Union, Mr. Darren Eugene Karr–Party X, Ms. Temperance Alesha Lance-Council–Anti-Hypocrisy Party, Mr. Michael Ross Tunick Strauss–Mike’s Party, Mr. Ted C. Weill–Reform Party and my favorite–Mr. Ralph Nader–Independent. He’s the only one making any kind of sense. I wish the Republicans and the Democrats had the huevos to put him on stage for a debate without prepared questions. I’d like to see the boys from Yale squirm trying to answer Nader’s curve balls.

Hunting Time 

Hunting season is upon us and I will be spending some “me time” in the woods stalking some meat for the freezer. It’s in my blood. My father often went hunting on Colorado’s West Slope and brought back a big mule deer or an elk. Sometimes I went pheasant or antelope hunting with him and his buddies, but we never went out for the “trophy.” It was always about eating what we shot and respecting the animals by eliminating them in the most humane way possible–one shot, one kill, preferably to the head. We practiced our shooting and hunted a lot growing up and would dine on the high-protein flesh all year. Our freezer was filled not only with wild game, but fish we had caught as well. Additionally, our freezer was filled with the animals and vegetables our family had raised and grown. We had a strong self-sufficient streak in how we lived our lives.

Now with my own family living in a wild-game-rich state, I, too, wish to provide meat for my family. And, like my father, I, too, will tease the kids that I’m going out to get Bambi. I, too, will hang the carcass in the garage and butcher it the way my daddy taught me. I will make my father’s sage-infused venison sausage and enjoy patties of it about 4 a.m. as we package and wrap meat. That is, if I am lucky enough to get one.

Frankly, I just enjoy being up in the woods. There have been many times when I haven’t taken the shot because it would be too much hassle to drag a carcass out of the bottom of a canyon. And I wouldn’t call gutting and skinning a fun thing to do. It’s work. And it’s bloody. But then I remember those Thanksgiving meals with venison roast I know it is all worth it.