Month: April 2006


My mother is buried in a San Antonio, Texas cemetery. The last time I was there, laying my grandmother to rest in the ground just a few feet away from my mother, I noticed that Heloise (as in the columnist who penned Hints from Heloise) is buried in the same cemetery. Being a journalist I caught the funny epitaph that appeared on her headstone. It read…


Ebay Obsessed 

Since my sabbatical has begun I have been searching, something that I will enjoy in as creative way possible. I returned this week from the San Francisco Center for the Book, a small facility that hosts letterpress and bookbinding workshops in addition to small exhibitions. I found out while there that Boise artist Eve-Marie Bergren travels there to teach encaustic classes, but what was really exciting was the three large letterpresses they had. That was what I was there to learn about.

I’ve always been interested in letterpress, the way the type embosses the paper creating a 3D effect. I’ve also always liked the Hatch Show Print and Yee Haw Industries designed posters, which they do on letterpress. I think that Boise needs something like this and I’ve been searching locally for a press. (If you know of a flatbed proof press in someone’s garage—specifically a Vandercook—you can let me know right away and we’ll have a bar tab at a local watering hole as a finder’s fee.)

About 5 months ago I purchased a whole bunch of lead type and cabinets at an estate auction in Caldwell. Since then I guess you could say I’ve been obsessed and within the last few weeks have been searching and buying wood type on Ebay. My garage/studio is now filled with wood type, letterpress equipment and strange things. I’m always looking for more (see comment about finding a press above).

Hopefully, a press will be found soon and I can get started making posters. I guess you could say the sabbatical is going well. At least I’m having fun.