I Am a Big Man

I am a big man

But I don’t have a big plan

I live my big life to the fullest

No big regrets, except for that time in Spokane

My clothes are big

My truck is big

I ride a big horse

He needs to be big to carry around my big gut of course

I have a big gullet because of my big appetite

The ladies all say I have a big…


When they see my big feet and big hands

They assume I have big boots and big gloves

I need a big hat to go on my big noggin

My noggin is big because I have big thoughts

I think big you know

It’s because I have a big heart

But I also have a big temper

It’s usually shows up when I encounter big assholes

I grew up in Texas, where they say everything is big

I may not be the biggest

But I’m bigger than most

I’m a lumbering bear scratching his back on a post

I like a big pat of butter on my big Texas toast.

I wash it down with a Big Red because I have a big thirst

I have a big voice that carries afar

And when I need to be quiet, I cap a big scream in a jar


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