Puerto Vallarta 

While I love to take vacations and visit far off places, opposingly, I hate the process of getting there. If there’s one time of year when a travel-hater like me shouldn’t travel is the Christmas holidays. But travel we did, making our way first through Mexican immigration then returning through the American equivalent and customs.

My publisher and I treated the Spawn to a week on the beach in Puerto Vallarta. The sand and sea were nice, until I heard about the tsunami. After that news, I really couldn’t relax on the soft, white sand. Every wave crash distracted my attention. I became glued to CNN in our seventh-floor room. I felt safe until I learned that the wave that hit Banda Aceh, Indonesia was about seven stories high. The Spawn were oblivious to my paranoia as they swam in the pool all week long. Then we flew home.


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