BW Changes 

You may notice a change on the masthead this week. Colleen Cronin,Boise Weekly’s A&E editor for the past year and editor for Idaho Arts Quarterly has moved on to greener pastures and taken a wonderful writing position with Healthwise. We’ve been having farewell lunches, dinners and parties leaving nary a dry eye in the house. We’ll miss her smiling face a lot.

Shifting in to her still-warm seat will be Cynthia Sewell, Boise Weekly’s managing editor for the last two years (and longest tenured employee other than Stan the Man). But what will happen to Cynthia’s old seat? For that answer, we must delve into the Twighlight Zone … (Cue music). It will be yours truly.

The changes have been mostly internal until now. We’ve exchanged desks, flipped e-mail accounts, swapped phones and have redesigned business cards to reflect our new roles and titles. Some changes have been external. You may have noticed slight changes to the news. A new column called “8 Days Last Week compliments our “8 Days Out Calendar” with a look backwards at unique and obscure news events of the city, state and world. Beginning in Janurary, we’ll reestablish our legislative coverage with a weekly look at bills and personalities that are making a difference. Also in January we’ll be adding “Citizen Calendar”, offering hot tips on where you can make a difference politically and socially. If you have a suggestion, event or protest notice, send it on to (my new e-mail). If you have a nice cigar or jar of organic nuts, you can send that to us too. Boise Weekly happily accepts holiday gifts of all kinds.


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