Undecided No More 

Undecided no more

The hairs on my neck get all fluffy as I watch the lies being spun from both sides of the political spectrum. The importance of who sits in the oval office for the next four years has blown away even the charade of integrity and honesty that the presidency is supposed to have. It makes me a little sick to see their games.

I will say that I have never considered voting for Dubya, which keeps me consistent with the last election four years ago. I just can’t see myself voting for someone who manipulated the public with half-truths, stretched-truths and outright lies to go to war. And, after recent allegations that Dubya is fed his lines via wireless prompters during public speaking engagements, including the recent debates (visit www.mysterybulge.com for more information and evidence of presidential prompting going back to 9/11), I cannot sit by and remain unbiased in this general election.

Rather than endorse a candidate I will anti-endorse a candidate. Do not vote for George W. Bush. Now that doesn’t leave you with much options now does it? If you want to vote for a potential winner you have only one other option, Senator John Kerry. But even then, you may not like everything he has to say either. I don’t.

I ask you to consider a third party. Will your vote really matter in a conservative state like Idaho? Do you actually think that you will be throwing away a vote against Dubya? Project Vote Smart (www.vote-smart.org) lists over 60 candidates for president. While they might not be on your ballot, you have the right to write one in. Some at which to look include: Mr. Michael J. Badnarik–Libertarian Party, Mr. Jacques Yves ‘Chief Jack’ Boulerice–Native American Party, Mr. David Keith Cobb–Green Party, Mr. Jackson Kirk Grimes–United Fascist Union, Mr. Darren Eugene Karr–Party X, Ms. Temperance Alesha Lance-Council–Anti-Hypocrisy Party, Mr. Michael Ross Tunick Strauss–Mike’s Party, Mr. Ted C. Weill–Reform Party and my favorite–Mr. Ralph Nader–Independent. He’s the only one making any kind of sense. I wish the Republicans and the Democrats had the huevos to put him on stage for a debate without prepared questions. I’d like to see the boys from Yale squirm trying to answer Nader’s curve balls.


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