Missing Newsstands 

I don’t want to have to do this, but … Over the last four months a total of four of our newsstand boxes have gone missing. They aren’t easy to pick up and most of them have gone missing in the dark of the night, usually over the weekend. Once taken, they also aren’t easy to hide. We have offered rewards for information leading to the recovery of the newsstand boxes and the arrest of those responsible for their theft. A big red metal newsstand stands out in an apartment and that friend you thought could keep a secret may want to make the reward money, right? There have been some informants come forward, but before we take the next step we want to try something.

The Saudis offered an amnesty to their homegrown al-Qaeda members so why can’t we follow their example? In light of new information, I want to offer a general amnesty to those who may be responsible. If you return the newsstand boxes to our office, or to where you took them from, we will not prosecute. We do want those responsible to understand that we are an independent, low-budget newspaper and cannot afford to replace newsstand boxes continuously as people swipe them off the street. By stealing the boxes you prevent everyone else who used to get their Boise Weekly at that location from getting their paper. Besides, it’s bad karma. For those of you who have seen a newsstand where it’s not supposed to be just let us know. Then next week, when we catch the culprits responsible we’ll pay you $100. Or you can be a good friend and advise your buddy to return the box.

One of my jobs here at the BW is Web master. Now I know that our Web site isn’t always the greatest, after all, I’ve been teaching myself the programming code (see previous note about us being “low-budget”). I’ve also been busy getting the online voting system set in place for the Best of Boise 2004. I’d recommend you not only go to the Web site and vote, but check out the rest of it. A helpful reader sent me a screen capture the other day with an example of what our site looks like on her computer. It was all screwed up. Looks like more late nights for me trying to figure out why it does that. We’re continually improving it and if you gave up on it a while back you should definitely give it another try. My next big project is creating online, searchable and dynamic calendar listings. If you have any ideas about how to improve the site with low-budget solutions then I want to hear about it. Drop me a line at Bingo@boiseweekly.com.


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