Lawn Darts of Days Gone By 

As a kid we’d throw the lawn darts up in the air to see how high they could go. Screw trying to hit the little hoop on the lawn 20 feet away, we went for altitude. Unfortunately, dexterity challenged children had the same idea and, despite debates promoting evolutionary survival of the fittest, a drive to ban lawn darts as a wholesome summertime yard game became effective December 19, 1988. Yes folks, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) banned lawn darts after three child deaths and 6,700 emergency room visits of children during the previous decade (1978-1988). Lawn darts and its various other commercial incarnations (Jarts, outdoor darts, yard darts and paddock darts to name a few) are not only illegal to manufacture but also to sell. This means you are breaking the law if you sell them at the annual Hyde Park Street garage sale. They are on eBay’s list of banned items which also includes handguns, organs and souls. But that’s not stopping the folks that run This year they host their 13th annual Jarts tournament despite pressure by the government to destroy all of their darts. Ah, the fond memories of playing shish-ka-cat with our lawn darts as kids. We always missed.


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