Fishing and Green Thumbs

I allocated a little “me” time this weekend and went fishing over on the Owyhee River. My friends accompanying me are all expert fishermen and I felt inferior, but attempted to put up a good front like I knew what I was doing anyway. My “old school” fly rod and reel generated taunts from my fellow flyrodders, as if I had pulled out a musket rifle to go deer hunting.

Most of the fish were caught and dealt with easily by the long-distance-release method except for one forearm-length brown trout. I didn’t get a single bite but one of our fishing crew said he’s sure you get far more nibbles than you actually realize when fishing nymphs along the bottom. I’d like to believe that. I did break the tip off my rod and gouge a hole in my waders, soaking my leg from the thigh down. All in all I’d say it was a successful fishing trip.

In the next few weeks we’ll be organizing and preparing our summertime fishing column. If you have a “fish tale” to talk about, fishing tips or just good old folklore regarding Idaho fishing, then I’d like to know about it. I’ll be personally overseeing the column as an excuse to get out and fish a little. “No, really honey, I have to go work,” as I sneak out the door with my fly rod. E-mail me with your fish tales.

In another work-related endeavor, I have been getting dirty in the yard digging the beds and preparing them for the last snow on the mountain, when local folklore says I should plant my tomatoes. My bamboo is growing nicely and at this stage on the back hill it’s hard to tell what is a wildflower or weed so I just let them all grow together. I’ve pre-empted the spawn this year with a lecture regarding the difference between golf balls and tulip or iris flowers so I’m hoping to have a beautiful display. Our Green Listings (on page 42) is also expanded for the season so you’ll want to make sure you hit all the plant sales and workshops. If you have a gardening tip or news item e-mail


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